I really want to be a freaking mermaid!!!


I really don’t know why but suddenly my “clingy” side was on roll last night. I mean, I have this “urge” to hug all of the newbies and our Jazz coach. The feeling that you just want to hug them and tell that you missed them or something but you were just to shy to tell those words, I hate that kind of feeling. But of course, in my own “secret” way I kind of let them “feel” that I missed them, like I would suddenly hug some of the newbies or tell them that I really missed them in a “joke” kind of way, and as for our coach, I just told her that it was rush-hour and I will be having a hard time commuting (I don’t have dance class during that time btw) when she asked me why I was there, and of course I also told her that I missed her, and obviously, she thought that I was joking. WHUUUT!!!

Urggghhh I really missed them. <3